Let’s face it, even though Newton is called the “Garden City” – street noise and privacy can be a challenge. In Newtonville, this homeowner wisely chose to line the yard with arborvitae to help create more privacy.

This native evergreen works hard to create a barrier between your home and the world. The narrow, pyramid shape makes it a natural choice for windbreaks. It requires almost no care when used as a hedge or screen. Arborvitae are evergreen trees growing from 10 to 200 feet tall, with stringy-textured reddish-brown bark. The shoots are flat, with side shoots only in a single plane. The leaves are scale-like, except young seedlings in their first year, which have needle like leaves.

If you live in eastern Massachusetts, contact Rob Cerra Landscape Construction for ideas about adding privacy landscaping to your property. We can help choose and acquire the right plants, trees and shrubs plus we can regrade the earth as needed to help maximize the utility of your grounds.