Although some might think that spring and summer are the best times to start hardscaping projects, executing fall and winter hardscaping projects in Massachusetts may actually offer a number of advantages.

The Ground is Just Right

Fall can be the perfect time of year to do your hardscaping because the ground is often ideal – dry, easy to move and a little more predictable, as anyone who has tried to lay a foundation in the spring can attest to!

Safeguard Existing Landscaping

When it comes to fall & winter hardscaping, your existing landscaping is less likely to be damaged. Plantings tend to be more dormant and sustain less damage from foot traffic and other construction-related activities.

We’re Not In the Way

During the fall and winter, you may not be as active in your yard, making it a good time to upgrade or renovate your landscaping by adding hardscapes.

Great Weather

The fall and winters in Massachusetts provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor work – helping to keep work on time. We watch the weather so you don’t have to.

Above all, you’ll have more time to enjoy your hardscape, with any luck you can get some great off-season usage even if you install in the winter. By starting now, you can take full advantage of your new patio, deck, or pergola now and as the weather warms up.

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