With all of the time being spent outside these days, you might be hearing a lot of chatter about hardscapes and daydreaming about the various ways you can transform your outdoor living spaces. 

The term hardscape itself refers to the solid, non-living pieces in your yard or outdoor living space that help define the space such as a driveway, concrete pathways, a brick fireplace, a stone patio, or a wooden pergola. Alternatively, the term softscape refers to the plants, trees, bushes, and flowers that bring color and life to your outdoor living space. 

Hardscapes are a great way to make your yard or patio your own and bring personal touches to the space that reflect your own personal aesthetic and feel that you want the space to have. Sit down and daydream with us as we run through some of the different types of hardscapes and what they’re used for. 


One of the easiest ways to bump up your property’s curb appeal, the size of an average driveway gives homeowners lots of space to make their own. While a simple asphalt driveway is a tried and true option, consider making your driveway pop with the use of cobblestones, stained or stamped concrete, or even put a design in the middle of a simple asphalt driveway with stone pavers. 


From traditional wooden fencing to more modern metal fencing, the use of fencing serves multiple purposes. Not only does it bump up your home’s curb appeal, but it also provides a sense of security by keeping your kids or beloved four-legged friends within your space, and a sense of privacy that your outdoor activities aren’t open for the whole neighborhood to see. Additionally, there are more options for fencing now than ever before! From thick vertical planks to a shorter, more traditional white picket style, there’s something for everyone and every budget.


Walkways give you a variety of options in regards to the medium used to create it. From gravel to pavers of all stone types, walkways of all lengths and sizes are a great choice to bring a pop of personality to your hardscape. If you typically plant the same types of flowers along a walkway, pick a material that will compliment the color of the flowers when they’re in full bloom. You’d be surprised at how something as simple as a walkway elevates a space!


Join us outside on the deck! A little more involved than some of the other options here, decks need to be built properly to ensure the safety of those that will enjoy it and we recommend having this done by a professional. With a variety of options for the flooring, you can even mix mediums with a wooden deck floor and use metal or even woven rope for the railing. Decks should be large enough to sit multiple people comfortably and maybe even have a designated spot for the grill! Walking out of the house onto the deck in the middle of the summer is a feeling like no other. 


For those of us that enjoy doubling our living space during the warmer months, but lack the amount of space or funds needed for a deck, consider a patio! Patios can be constructed in a variety of ways. When designing your patio, like a deck, make sure that you factor in everything you hope to use it for to ensure that your patio is big enough and that you’ll have ample space to move around. Simple, DIY patios made out of stone pavers can spruce up your yard and provide a beautiful spot for your outdoor table or bar that you’ve been dreaming of. Not a fan of outdoor dining? No problem! Consider putting down pavers around your outdoor fire pit to provide a safe, level place for your chairs to sit and ensure that the ground won’t ever be too soggy to sit by the fire.


Have you ever driven by a house with an arbor and immediately been transported in your mind? Arbors turn the simplest of walkways or entryways into something truly special. For your climbing plants, arbors can also serve as a trellis and give your yard an enchanted feel. 


Pergolas set themselves apart by traditionally being attached to the house or other building they’re helping enhance, but can also stand alone if that’s the vibe you’re hoping for! Traditionally made from wood, pergolas can be made from almost any material, provide shade and serve as a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living space.

Stone Walls

Used to transition from one level in your yard to another or used as a boundary between property lines, stone walls help keep plants contained to an area or can convert a slanted piece of lawn to a more useable, level area. Here in New England, stone walls are everywhere and we can’t help but love their charm. 


No matter how you do it, your yard or outdoor living space is yours to truly make your own!  

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